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Divine Literature In An Inspirational Format


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Create a collective library and portal that acts as a window to the divine literature, from diverse religions, in diverse languages, which will be shared freely, for immediate access from anywhere and to anyone. 

Rapid sharing of religious text and making more spiritual books accessible to a wider audience, including the hi-tech oriented students and the modern youth, in a new inspirational and invigorating format. 

How To Accomplish It

Inspire the reader by providing the latest, state-of-the-art technology for ePublishing the spiritual literature. This includes, adding streaming audio/video, multimedia and interactive formatting where possible. This new ePublication provides a 3D look and a clickable page turning that increases the readability factor far greater than the text on a web page.

What's The Big Deal

Today, spiritual text is diversely available on the internet. It is scattered everywhere. Also, it is in a text format and does not appeal to people, specially the modern youth.

We bring this diverse religious text in a central location, and in a new format that will inspire, stimulate and encourage everyone to read, learn and get inspired.

More people visit this centralized location and re-visit to seek more, in a motivating and interesting format of reading.


       Scattered spiritual text organized at one location

       Presented in a new inspirational format, that appeals to all generations

       Motivates people to read and learn about the spiritual writings

       Increases awareness and makes better individuals, citizens

       Makes the world a better and healthy place


The authors of the literature presented in this site, have allowed us to produce it in the new format.
Some literature is also taken from the public space.



Views expressed in the eBooks are that of the individual authors. We bear no responsibility on their views.